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October 17, 2005

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     Here's the new addition to the Lorimor clan....

Updated 10/11/05



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Against all things Iraqi, French, and German.

Updated 09/01/04


I had a couple of friends who recently made a trip to Michigan over the weekend.  I was originally supposed to go, but several things came up and I wasn't able to participate in the sojourn.  But they did bring me back a souvenir.


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Evidently, they ate at a Hooters somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska and had the waitress, Raina, sign the menu.  They weren't very specific about her looks, but of the 3 gentlemen who made the trip, all three were sure she didn't miss her calling in life by very far by becoming a waitress at "Hooters!!!"



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This is a small web page with some of my interests.

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Pictures of the house Neeter and I bought

Updated 04/17/2005



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As mentioned in the New Orleans trip, Blue Bayou Motorsports!!!!!

The page is still under construction, but it's a start.  Updated 10/29/2004.



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